History of Navy Getaways Pacific Beach

Welcome to Navy Getaways Pacific Beach where lodging is open to all military personnel – active duty, retired, reservist, DoD and all other federal employees. During their stay, authorized users may sponsor family members and friends as their guests.

Quinault Nation Indians once entirely populated this area and supported their families by hunting sea otters and whales from ocean-going canoes. When settlers came to the Olympic Peninsula in the 1870's, the sea otters were depleted because of their valuable furs. Clams soon replaced otters as the local primary food supply. Clam digging became so prevalent that when the first school opened in 1900 on the nearby Copalis River, classes convened according to the tides.

During this period, tourists from Seattle flocked to the area and several hotels were constructed to meet the demand. The Pacific Beach Hotel, built in 1906, became known as one of the Northwest's most romantic honeymoon hotels and prospered until the outbreak of World War II, when the Navy and Air Force converted the rooms into regional headquarters for training anti-aircraft recruits.

After the war, the facility was offered to the local community for $1, but the sale failed because the community was unincorporated. The base sat idle until 1950 when the Air Force moved in and used it as a radar station for five years.

Following years of inactivity, Naval Facility engineers redeveloped the base between 1957 - 1958. It was disestablished in October of 1987, transferred to Naval Station Puget Sound and then to Naval Station Everett. Under Commander Naval Station guidance, the facility is now an active part of Fleet & Family Readiness (MWR).

During 2000 - 2001, the hotel building underwent a complete renovation. A third floor was added along with four Jacuzzi suites. The gift shop, restaurant and Front Desk were relocated into the new hotel complex as part of the renovation.

In 2010 a multi-million dollar renovation project was completed on the 30 cottages. The interiors were refreshed with new tile, carpet, furniture, appliances and more. The exterior of the cottages received new siding, roofs, patios and landscaping.